About us

More than 60 years of quality and innovation

Founded in Turin (Italy) in 1959, ReeR distinguished itself for its strong commitment to innovation and technology. A steady growth throughout the years allowed ReeR to become a point of reference in the safety automation industry at a worldwide level. The Safety Division is in fact today a world leader in the manufacturing of safety optoelectronic sensors and controllers.

Know-how, competence, quality and bespoke customer service have been the key factors highlighting the success of the Lighting Division, a reference presence in the Italian distribution of lighting components.


Safety & Automation

ReeR developed its first safety sensors in the middle of the years ’70.

The first light curtains were realised at the beginning of the years ’80. Since then, Reer has been Italy's most important and one of the leading European manufacturers of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety.

We have never stopped innovating and investing in order to keep this role and to continue providing our customers with reliable and effective solutions for the protection of workers. The strong engagement in national, European and international standardisation committees keeps our know-how at the state of the art.

At the same time the experience of ReeR is put at the service of the growth of safety culture. A strong export activity comes with the development of the Safety Division, witnessing an ever more global experience.

The continuous enlargement of the product range makes ReeR today a solution provider for the whole world of automation.



Lighting Division

The Lighting Division offers catalogue products, such as: light sources, lighting fixtures, indoor and outdoor lighting devices, which were developed according to the severe technical assessments arisen from the know-how achieved in more than 60 years of work.

ReeR professional lighting is the Italian leading company in the miniature lamp distribution.