November 2015

Lean Manufacturing Criteria adopted in the production process

Since a few weeks our production process has been reorganized according to criteria of Lean Manufacturing.

This methodology for mass production aims at minimizing waste while it organizes all tasks smoothly and without interruption, according to the "pull" logic (an activity is carried out only when it is required by the next process).

The rhythm of the production activity is thus driven entirely by customer demand.

lean 01

Lean 05

The production process, which is flexible and a function of the customer needs, is characterized by the use of standard operating procedures, order and reasoned placement of the workstations and continuous search for improvements.

The application of this production method has led us to the ability to plan production and meet the promised delivery DAY.

Electronic cards supermarket pending final completion
for definitive personalization.

Intermediate warehouse for light curtains waiting final test or completion.

IMG 8271 IMG 8281

At the same time, the increase in production capability permits us to gurantee a delivery time of maximum 10 working days for every item delivered.

A great result for ReeR.

Finished product warehouse